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Meet the health coach:

Valery is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, certified Gut Health Coach, and the go-to expert in gut health and leaky gut.

Her journey started after completely healing her daughter’s full-body eczema naturally without medication by identifying her food triggers and addressing her leaky gut.

Valery struggled with digestive problems, anxiety, brain fog, heart palpitations, and fatigue for many years. After giving birth to her daughter, Valery developed severe stomach pain and was able to find relief naturally by restoring her gut health.

During the process of healing her leaky gut, she was also able to eliminate her severe anxiety and panic attacks that were controlling her life for many years.

Using both her personal and professional experience, Valery developed a unique framework for healing leaky gut, which is the root cause behind the majority of chronic symptoms.

Now she helps other women who struggle with leaky gut learn how to eliminate problematic foods, implement a leaky gut diet, and restore their gut health in 8 weeks so they can beat the bloat, increase their energy, get rid of brain fog, and be in control of their symptoms.